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Texas.Net Tech Tips

Texas.Net tech support rocks, and now we're bringing a little bit of it to the web. This is the self-help section, the area where you get to have a hand at trying the fixes yourself before you use that Internet phone line for a tech support phone line. The problems that we list here are common ones that are fixed easily and quickly. Everything is step-by-step, so you don't have to worry about confusing instructions. In fact, it's as easy as a phone call without the phone call (which we think makes it even easier). So look through our listing and see if your problem's here. If so, great! If not, you know where you can reach us.

Where can I get a v.90 update for my modem?
These links will take you to the v.90 updates for many major modem brands as well as lead you to company information, manuals, and FAQs.

How do I change my dial-up number?
Read through our step-by-step instructions for changing your dial-up number under our various supported operating systems. For the latest list of phone numbers, visit our Contact Info area.

How do I stream RealAudio files?
This document will instruct you on how to stream RealAudio files from your personal web space.

What is mail relaying and why can't I do it?
This page explains Texas.Net's latest effort to stop e-mail spam on the Internet. Check here to see how this affects you.

Why are parts of multipart Usenet postings missing?
Missing chunks of multipart messages can be seen occasionally in Usenet newsgroups that contain binaries, or large programs and pictures. Read why.

Why won't my 56k modem connect above 33.6 kbps? or What do I need for an 56k connection?
This white sheet contains information on exactly how 56k technology works, what you need to make it work, and how you can find out if your lines will support it.

Why won't Windows 95 save my password?
This document will take you through the easy process of making that pesky Windows 95 remember your password when you tell it to.

Why can't I get 33.6kbps?
Here you can find how to optimize your modem speed and also learn why we're pushing the limits of copper phone line technology.

Why do I get disconnected?
This page will go through the different types of disconnections and give you some resources which can help you minimize disconnections.

Why doesn't my 2400 baud modem work with your service?
Here you'll see exactly why slower modems have a hard time dealing with PPP and the world of the Internet.

How do I configure my web browser?
Here you will learn how to set up your browser's start/search pages as well as how to set up Netscape's Mail and News features.

Why does my mail program time out when connecting to the mail server? I'm expecting a large file. or Why does Eudora say it can't send my file attachment?
Transferring files (requested or by surprise) by way of e-mail is an inefficient process, and may cause problems. Look here for an explanation and possible solutions.

How come people from some other sites can't send e-mail to me?
Texas.Net does filter some domains at the router because of unacceptable levels of junk e-mail coming from those sites. A complete list of those domains is included here, as well as an explanation of how we decide who gets filtered.

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