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Saving Password In Windows 95/98

Occasionally, Windows 95/98 customers may find that when they click on the 'Save Password' checkbox, their password doesn't actually save. In rare cases, this box may be greyed out. This is the result of a known bug in Windows, but luckily, the solution is simple. Just follow the easy instructions below.

  1. Open up an MS-DOS Prompt Box by going to 'Start | Programs | MS-DOS Prompt'. The DOS Prompt will come up either in a window or full screen, but you won't exit Windows.

  2. The DOS Prompt should read C:\WINDOWS> - if not, type cd\windows and hit Enter.

  3. Type del *.pwl and hit Enter. This will delete your password files, but not any of your settings (any user profiles you have will still exist).

  4. Restart the computer.

  5. Windows should prompt you to enter a login name and a password. This is for Windows only, not Texas.Net. If you don't want this box to come up again, just leave both blanks empty. When you hit OK, you will be given a chance to verify your password. Do so, and your settings will be saved. Now you should be able to save your password.

For additional information or alternative methods for working around this problem, check the Microsoft Knowledge Base entry for this subject.

If you need any assistance with these instructions, please feel free to contact our Technical Support staff.

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