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Why are portions of multipart Usenet posts missing?

When browsing binary newsgroups, relatively large posts are often split up into separate individual posts usually denoted by a (1/2) and (2/2) in the article subject. Occasionally, one or more parts of a multi-part posting will be missing. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

First, Texas.Net honors "cancel" posts. There are some on the 'Net who for whatever reason do not approve of binary postings of some kind, and will issue a "cancel" post on one or more parts of the multi-part post. Between the sheer volume on Usenet and the vagueness of some addresses, it is not possible to selectively process the "cancels". Texas.Net must either accept them all or reject them all.

Second, most newsreaders have a setting for the maximum number of articles that can be retrieved at one time. Netscape has a limit of 3500 articles, for instance. This can cause complete postings to be missing parts because the browser did not get all parts at the same time.

Unless a multipart binary was posted over several days, Texas.Net's expiration should not be a factor.

Periodically, a FAQ will be posted in appropriate *.d newsgroups (for example, if you're reading alt.binaries.texasnet, a FAQ will typically be posted in alt.binaries.texasnet.d). Check this FAQ for additional information about the newsgroup and articles posted there.

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