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Disconnection Reasons

Disconnections can occur for many reasons. Some disconnections are deliberately done on our end, but most are the result of the modem setup on the customer end. Below is a list of types of disconnections and their reasons.

  • Disconnects after 15 minutes
    You have been idle for 15 minutes. This means that you aren't sending any data across our network. This commonly happens when you read and reply to lengthy e-mails or if you spend a lot of time looking at a web page.

  • Disconnects after 8 to 10 hours
    You have been on one of our lines too long. We will disconnect you after eight to ten hours to prevent people from sitting on our phone lines. This gives everyone an equal chance at using our phone lines.
    Note: We will not automatically disconnect you after eight or ten hours. This is a courtesy that we ask of our customers so that everyone gets an equal chance to use our modems. See our AUP for more info.

  • Disconnects immediately after connecting
    This is a problem between the two modems. If you are using our digital phone lines, disable V.FC protocol (instructions should be in your modem manual). If you are using our analog lines (San Antonio only), you may need a new initialization string. Call our Technical Support staff and they'll look one up for you.

  • Disconnects during a download
    This is most often due to our idle timeout. The download may stall, causing your computer to not send or receive any information, which makes our servers view you as idle. You may want to try downloading from an alternative site.

If your disconnection is not covered here, please contact our Technical Support staff.

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