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Configuring Your Browser

This page will help to explain some simple browser configurations. With the help of this document, you should be able to make changes to your browser's settings to make your Internet experience more enjoyable.

Start and Search Pages
Your browser has the capability to start up with a page of your choosing, rather than the default Netscape or Microsoft web sites. Texas.Net recommends doing this, since we sometimes have important announcements on our web site that you should be aware of.

  • To make this change in Netscape, go up to "Options | General Preferences". Under the "Appearance" tab, there should be a frame titled "Startup". Where it says, "Browser Starts With", select "Home Page Location" and in the box below, type "".
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer, go up to "View | Options". On the Navigation tab, find the frame labeled "Customize". For "Page", select "Start Page" and in the "Address" field, type "". Go back up to the "Page" field and select "Search Page". Type "" in the "Address" field below.
  • For other browsers, look through your browser's configuration section for a "Home Page" or "Start Page" setting. If you need help, consult your browser's documentation.

Mail and News Setup (for Netscape)
To set up Netscape's Mail and News, go up to "Options | Mail and News Preferences". Under the "Identity" tab, fill out the appropriate information as it appears on your Texas.Net Confirmation Packet. Under the "Servers" tab, use the information from our Common Information section in our Helpdesk to fill out the account and server fields. The areas referring to mail box sizes, timeout values and other settings need not be touched.

If you need any additional help for Netscape or MSIE browsers, please e-mail with your help request. For other browsers, we are limited to providing the same information as is listed in our Common Information Helpdesk section.

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