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Using 2400 Baud Modems with the Internet

Only the most stable and efficient of 2400 baud modems have a chance of connecting and allowing you to browse the Internet. The method that information is sent and received over the Internet involves a lot of overhead, or data that is used simply to let other computers know what to do with the information. Data is sent over the Internet in packets, with each packet containing a header of information that explains where the information is to be sent and how it is to be sent.

With modem speeds lower than 9600, the ratio of data in the header to data in the packet body becomes so high that your computer is unable to effectively keep itself connected. It will be unable to send and receive authentication information (such as your login name and password) and will simply give up, often by disconnecting you.

The vast majority of Texas.Net customers connecting at 2400 will fail to maintain a connection but for a few seconds. Only a very few people will manage to keep their connection going, even though their performance (especially when browsing the web) will keep you in suspense for as long as a half an hour before you get to see some of a web page's content.

If you're using a slower modem, or a fast modem that, due to line quality, is unable to connect at speeds faster than 2400 bps, you may see poor connections and disconnections. If this sounds like you, Texas.Net recommends that you upgrade your modem to at least a 14.4 kbps speed. 33.6 kbps modems (and higher) are available for not much more, and will provide a significant increase in speed, performance and stability.

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