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Outlook Setup

Microsoft Outlook is the full featured version of Outlook not to be confused with it's free counterpart, Outlook Express. What follows are simple step by step instructions for configuring this program to send and receive email.

If you have any problems or need assistance with any part of this installation, you may contact our technical support staff at the numbers listed on your Startup Kit. If you are able to connect and check your e-mail, Technical Support can be reached at

Outlook Mail Setup

  1. Start Oulook.

  2. Click on 'Tools', and then 'Email Accounts'. From the 'Email Accounts' menu that appears, click on 'Add a new e-mail account', and then click on'Next'.

    The following fields will be displayed on the next window:

  1. On the field 'Your Name', type in your Full Name.

  2. On the field 'Email Address', type in your Email Address.

  3. On the field 'User Name', Enter your username at Your username is everything before the ''(Example, just 'username', not ''.

  4. On the field 'Password', enter in your password. You may select 'Remember Password(directly below the field) so you will not be prompted for the password each time you check your mail.

  5. On the field 'Incoming mail Server (POP3)', type in ''.

  6. On the field 'Outgoing mail server (SMTP)', type in ''.

  7. Make sure that Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is *NOT* checked.(it shouldn't be checked by default).

  8. Click 'Next' in the lower right hand corner, then click on 'Finish'

    You are now done setting up mail for the Full Version of Outlook.

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