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Texas.Net Launches New Website for Business Customers

In addition to our residential Internet services, Texas.Net has been connecting businesses to the Internet since 1994. In fact, we are now the leading provider of Managed Internet, Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services in Texas with more than 1,000 corporate customers.

As you have probably seen, we launched a new website for our business customers: www.texas.net and this site lonestar.texas.net remains the primary website for our residential customers to manage their web and email accounts.

Lastly, for any business Internet needs, please give us a call, as we provide for our corporate customers the same great service and expertise that you experience as a residential customer. Most importantly, we thank you for being a Texas.net customer!
Change your password, mailing address, payment info, and even your account level in our Account Maintenance section. You can now add additional email accounts to your Lonestar and Megaweb accounts for family members in your household!

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Internet Hostname: ec2-3-238-235-155.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Find information about speeding up your connection or setting up that other computer using our online support documents. If you're having problems, our e-mail support is open 24 hours/day.
See what our customers are doing with their 200 MB of personal home page space!

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Dripping Springs (512) 858-5092
Fort Worth (214) 953-1005
Georgetown (512) 869-5947
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Spring (713) 222-2260
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